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Chapels on Whatley – Tea Heaven

Posted by on 15, Sep, 2011 in Maylands, Perth Cafes, Tea | Comments Off

I can only handle so many coffees in one day, so when I am still ready to keep going, I go to a tea place.  A perfect spot on Whatley Crescent in Maylands exists, it’s called “Chapels on Whatley“.

If you are into tea, you may already be aware of this sensational place. I love my green tea and appreciate a good cup. Recently I started to explore teas a bit more than usual and am slowly working my taste buds through their extensive range.

At the moment I’m drinking their Bai Hao Silver Needle tea, which is a white tea. This tea is the premium of teas, and it’s the 1st leaf that appears on the tea tree, it’s only picked once a year which is in spring. The tea comes from Fuijian province in China. It’s the most expensive tea you can get your hands on, it’s the one with most antioxidants and least caffeine in it. So if your body needs some antioxidants, you’ve found your perfect match, as this is as as good as it gets.

Here are some photos of Bai Hao Silver Needle Tea

This tea has a slight yellow colour to it and is very easy to drink, I brew mine in a large mug and let the leaves loose to extract, allowing them to sink naturally.  Most people don’t like the leaves floating, but they sink and they don’t end up in your mouth, so I’m not sure what all the fuss is about. I can drink 2 to 3 cups of this tea easily in one night, it’s great to drink.

At Chapels, they run Tea Tasting classes which are only $15.95.  It will be worth doing and introduce your taste buds to the world of teas and appreciate what is what.

More about Chapels in Whatley
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Louis Baxters Coffee Review

Posted by on 14, Sep, 2011 in Campos Coffee, Subiaco | Comments Off

Louis Baxters Cafe is the newest addition to Subiaco, straight away when you walk in the visual effect is sensational, the lights, wall paintings and the tables are all fitting to the local atmosphere – trendy.  While I was there, a vast selection of people walked in which was great as diversity of clientele tells me that something must be good here.

They have a central communal tall table with stools, seating around the cafe, a couch in the corner and also outside front of cafe bench seating if you’re into people watching. A great feature of the cafe is the front/side order window, so if you’re into your quick take away coffee, this if your window to your morning fix.

I started with my normal, Medium Mach, this cafe is traditional, so my coffee would have come out double shot with a dash of milk, so after some discussions with the owner and barista we worked out that I was ordering in “Perth Speak” and they were going to make it “traditional” which is the norm in Melbourne and Sydney. When my coffee came out and my friend’s latte, they were presented extremely well and without a doubt time as taken to piece these 2 coffees. Nothing wrong with either coffee, crema, texture, flavour all is GOOD. I have finally had a chance to come to Subi and was looking forward to tasting their Campos coffee, needless to say I was very pleased. I didn’t get a chance to take a photo of our initial coffees as time just passed too quickly, but I made up for it later on.

The flavour of the Campos blend is sensational, fresh and nutty. It’s a pleasure to drink their coffee and their atmosphere complement it.

For the 2nd round I asked their barista to make me what he wanted, I said “make me what you’d want to drink please”, he didn’t think it was weird or anything, so that was cool too. So I got served up one of my old time favourites, an Affogato (drowning in Italian), in short – it’s a double espresso with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Sensational again. I took some pics of this coffee (featured).

So, the verdict – go to Louis Baxters if you haven’t been there yet, it’s only been open a short time, and without a doubt it will become more famous and also become a regular pit stop for great coffee lovers.

More about Louis Baxters


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Shots on Lake – Northbridge

Posted by on 29, Aug, 2011 in 5 Senses, Northbridge | Comments Off

At Shots on Lake in Northbridge.  I came in and asked the barista to make me what he wanted, he liked “Flat Whites” so I’m drinking one. I have to come clean, I’m not a big fan of a single shot flat white, it’s too weak for me, but that also depends on the blend/brand of coffee. I had to have a chat to the guy as this is my 3rd time to this place, and with the 3rd owner, this place just hasn’t worked for some reason. It surprises me why not as they have a great boutique feel to it and are unique in their proposition and offering.

The 3rd owners of this place in Northbridge have done an exceptional job on the fit out, it’s very plush, especially for Northbridge. The new fit out is awesome, in particular the meeting room at the back (see picture below). The venue is a heritage listed house with high ceilings and a couple rooms off it with a main corridor.  The outside area is also where their base kitchen is, coffee machine, serving fridge and seating. The front of the place is very nice and comfortable, you can see what’s on offer, should it be a take away coffee, lunch or sit in business meeting.

The new owners have put a full kitchen in the back, so they do real food here now, rather than just take away sandwiches and toasted foccacia.. Breakfast will be served in the next few weeks, so it’s lunches only, but this place appears to be finally getting their formula right. The decor is very cool, and the feel of the place follows suit with its old charm and character.

OK, onto the coffee, like I said a flat white isn’t my thing, but it came out creamy and very well made. Using 5 Senses they are starting out with an exceptional bean, followed with an Synesso coffee machine, and to top it all off a quality 80% of what you drink being the barista, it’s all good here.  I didn’t get a chance to take any photos of the flat white here, but it was served in a red standard cup – sorry.

It is lunch time, so I had a burger here, fresh and great flavours, but I’m not here to talk about their food, however it’s all good and very tasty. My chicken burger was served on a chopping board and some thick style chips, I’d be happy to have it again when I come back. The owner is from Zimbabwe, so some South African dishes and meats are offered here – take a look at their menu if you’re here next.

After the flat white, which was OK, I had to ordered a long mach, which is effectively a med mach for me, as they serve their long machs in a small glass (nice to see).

Coffee comes out looking very nice and creamy, as was the flat white. Being 5 Senses coffee it’s a full body blend and nutty flavour, and this is what I’m tasting with no burn at all what so ever, so the espresso was treated very well and served up without any tarnish. For my liking, the milk is a bit hot and has been taken past the point of instant drink-ability, so it needed a few minutes to cool down.  Putting the milk aside, coffee is great.

Wifi: Yes – for free (Password given when you come in)

Contact Shots on Lake

Address: 101 Lake Street, Northbridge

Telephone: 9228 0008

Website: www.shotsonlake.com.au

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Pony Express O – West Perth

Posted by on 26, Aug, 2011 in Coffee Review, Crema Coffee, West Perth | Comments Off

Had a meeting at Pony Express O today, I enjoy coffee here, I love the communal feel to the place, plus they know their business, which is “coffee” you can’t buy anything else here except a couple small sweet things to go with your coffee. You are encouraged to bring in your lunch and buy a coffee.

Their main communal table is great, you could be sitting next to a business man on one side closing a deal and a trendy web designer on the other, and opposite you a couple ladies talking about the weekend.

A steady and busy trade while I spent an easy 1 hour here at my meeting. Pony Express O serve Crema Coffee and this cafe is the big brother of their Fremantle outlet, much bigger brother, as if you walk past “Blink” in Fremantle and you do actually blink, you’ll miss it.

They use great unique ceramic coffee cups here, and one size fits all basically, so all coffees are proportioned based on the volume of milk and coffee in them. I normally do like a dedicated glass for each type of coffee you have, but in this instance as they have 1 set for all it all makes sense, except for espress coffee that is.


You feel very welcome here, even when I’m sitting here, the owner calls out the guy who just sat down (in a suit), “what would you like buddy” – how cool is that? As I sit here it amazes me how many regulars come in, and I know they are regulars as all I’m hearing is “how is your day Jane, Bill, etc..” and “you guys ordering lots of coffee today” so it’s all one big friendly catch up spot.  Most cafes strive to achieve this feel of everyone is welcome and friendly – lets face it it keeps your customers coming back, it’s their “local”.

One thing that is a mission (negative) is the parking around here, it’s shocking, but that’s West Perth for you. If you work in West Perth, no doubt your local is Pony Expresso, as all you do it walk down. It’s located in a lane way behind Commonwealth bank, parallel with Hay street on Mayfair Street.

Coffee is exceptional here, temperature, texture, crema. Made with absolute care. Each cup is made and ground to order.

Further to my experience, as I look around the owner (Garrett)  is making coffee, and one of the customers is standing behind the coffee machine with him talking about general stuff about their day, how cool is that, you feel as if you are part of the café, it is your local. It’s obvious that this coffee house (not café) is based on reputation and relationships.

If you work in West Perth, and don’t know about Pony Express O, you need to walk down and sit in and enjoy the experience this great coffee house.

Contact Pony Express O

Address: 21 Mayfair Street, West Perth

Tel: 0412 924 434

Website: N/A

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Licolns 102 – Highgate

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Just past Northbride and in 1 block from Beaufort Street you’ll find Lincoln’s 102 in Highgate (Perth), a cafe that has been there for some time now and earned its stripes as a local hang out for great coffee and food. All products are made on the premises and they serve Bonissimo coffee.  This used to be a deli, and like most delis not on a main strip, sold out for the real estate value as trade and margins were/are too hard to get these days.  Positioned on the corner or Lincoln and Stirling Street you can pop in anytime for breakfast or lunch 7 days a week.  As I’ve been here on numerous occasions, their breakfast is great and well proportioned.

I went out with my 4 year old daughter, so you’ll also see some baby chino photos below.   I must admit the baby chino did come out looking perfect and Amy drunk it and said it tasted like “soft clouds”, so I’m safely assuming this place has her tick of approval for a great baby chino. The marshmallows also help with kids and for some reason the pink ones are for girls and white ones for boys – so I’m told by my daughter. It’s great to see cafes embracing kids coming in with parents, as this will promote them to come back again with their kids if they get looked after.

Amy also couldn’t resist the pink macaroons – once again it went down like a treat and she didn’t want to share it – for obvious reasons.

Anyhow, back to the coffee review, I had what I ordered as a medium mach and the barista asked me if I wanted it half way up or all the way, I just went with it and said “all the way” the glass looked good for volume to milk ratio, so no big deal. It appears based on her reaction that they get people coming in asking for 1/2 way topped up, which is a traditional mach but with some more milk in it. We should get a standard going I think.  When I was in Melbourne last month I didn’t get asked for topped up or not, I got an espresso with a dash “traditional” if I wanted anything else I’d have to order a double latte, otherwise the Melbourne baristas got confused.

Coffee was great, I must admin I’m not a big fan of Belissimo Coffee as it gets wrecked a lot by most cafes in Perth, but Lincoln’s do it best there, especially the barista on today (blond lady). Temperature was great – ready to go, milk creama was great – in fact, good enough to jump into if I could swim in it, including a nice rosetta on top. Coffee was definitely not burned or tarnished in any way what so ever, it was excellent to drink. Excellent coffee making here, they are very well skilled at the art.

Lincoln’s 102 is a little place hidden away, it’s a well kept secret, and I think it’s about time it came out.  The main strip of Baufort Street gets a really good work out with its cafes, but if you turn in and walk an extra 5 minutes you’ll find a great cafe with excellent coffee.

I also has a great muffin, it was a white chocolate and pear, tasted sensational, we polished it off without any hesitations what so ever.  Muffins could go either way, over work them, or have to much or not enough milk/butter and they taste gluggy or dry – good work here.

They also make cakes here, so if you’re after something special speak to the staff and they’ll make something for you. I can’t comment on this as I haven’t had any from there yet.

Contact – Lincolns 102

Telephone: 08 9228 1759

Website: No website

Address: 102 Lincoln St, Highgate, 6000

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