The Daily, Swanbourne Cafe – Review

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At “The Daily” at Swanbourne shops today. A new place that opened last year (2011) and a very good contribution to this area. This strip needed a good coffee shop, and “The Daily Espresso Bar” answered.

The Dancing Goat is across the railway from these guys, but it’s healthy to have 2 or a few top spots close together, this way you have a good selection to go to when you need a great coffee.

The atmosphere in this place is very trendy, cool, with exposed bricks, light wood coloured book cases (crates) and a very cool service bar. Sitting is on stools, at bars, so no tables to sit at, but bar chairs, so once again adds to the whole great feel in this place. Cool tunes, a small kitchen supports this 14 seater café. I can imagine that this place does a roaring trade in the morning for the training work crowd.

You can get a full suite of coffees here as well as flat bread, cakes, muffins and croissants.

the daily, swanbourne, coffee

Long Mach at The Daily

OK, over to the coffee. Served in a glass, my medium mach started off very well, sensational crema and temperature, good to drink straight away. Coffee was not burned or tarnished in any way, so it tasted sensational.Wish I had more time to have another one, but it will have to wait till another time.

I didn’t ask, nor were there any bags showing the brand, but the coffee tasted like 5 Senses – I know the taste pretty well now, so I’m 99% sure it was – unless someone out there is roasting the same beans in the same way.

The cafe is pretty small but it got a good volume of traffic flow through it while I was there, so they are doing things right as people are coming and going. Each customer is treated in a very friendly manner, which is great to see. It shows that the staff here enjoy what they do and the locals keep on coming back.

I watched the barista make another coffee and all care was taken heating the milk (fresh each time), pulling the espresso and also the making of it all.

This is my second time here, and it’s very friendly and nice to be here.

Contact details for The Daily in Swanbourne.

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Chapels on Whatley – Tea Heaven

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I can only handle so many coffees in one day, so when I am still ready to keep going, I go to a tea place.  A perfect spot on Whatley Crescent in Maylands exists, it’s called “Chapels on Whatley“.

If you are into tea, you may already be aware of this sensational place. I love my green tea and appreciate a good cup. Recently I started to explore teas a bit more than usual and am slowly working my taste buds through their extensive range.

At the moment I’m drinking their Bai Hao Silver Needle tea, which is a white tea. This tea is the premium of teas, and it’s the 1st leaf that appears on the tea tree, it’s only picked once a year which is in spring. The tea comes from Fuijian province in China. It’s the most expensive tea you can get your hands on, it’s the one with most antioxidants and least caffeine in it. So if your body needs some antioxidants, you’ve found your perfect match, as this is as as good as it gets.

Here are some photos of Bai Hao Silver Needle Tea

This tea has a slight yellow colour to it and is very easy to drink, I brew mine in a large mug and let the leaves loose to extract, allowing them to sink naturally.  Most people don’t like the leaves floating, but they sink and they don’t end up in your mouth, so I’m not sure what all the fuss is about. I can drink 2 to 3 cups of this tea easily in one night, it’s great to drink.

At Chapels, they run Tea Tasting classes which are only $15.95.  It will be worth doing and introduce your taste buds to the world of teas and appreciate what is what.

More about Chapels in Whatley
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West End Deli Cafe Review – West Perth

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West End Deli coffee is just awesome.

No time to write up, but here is a slideshow of some of their coffee and cake photos. I think that the photos speak for themselves here

Contact West End Deli

Telephone: 08 9328 3605


Address: 95 Carr Street, West Perth, 6005


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Zekka Cafe on King Street, Perth

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@ Zekka cafe in Perth City (King Street)

I just spun 2 people out who work at Zekka cafe, they asked me what I’d like and I said “what ever you like, I’ll drink” this will be fun as I don’t have any knowledge of what will come out. They laughed and found it unusual. I said that “I’ll drink what ever you’re best at, I don’t mind”, “do I want milk or espresso?” They asked, I said “what ever you feel like making me” …. This will be a fun thing to do from now on I think. Give someone the freedom to make any coffee they like. I must admit I’ve never had this privilege of someone telling me “make me what you want to mak for me, what you’re best at”, when I worked as a barista.

zekka perth cafe flat whiteOK, so here it is… about 4 minutes alter, which is super quick, given on the amount of people that are here in this super trendy, yet casual place. I got served a double shot flat white with a well presented love heart on it, plus a friendly hand over. It’s so nice not to be processed like at some cafes.

The place is pretty busy, but I am here on a 8 seater communal table, which started out full and now it’s just me. The ladies sitting at this table had to go back to work.

OK, lets get down to it, the coffee looks lovely, finished off properly. The crema on top is thick and luscious. I’d be happy to have a cup of this crema by itself.

Coffee is full flavour, full body and nutty taste, it tastes to me like 5 Senses or Fiori like – I don’t know what I’m drinking yet, I know I love it though. I want another, and I’ve only had one sip. I think the girl who made the coffee is conscious of what I think of it, and came over and asked “how is it?”, “awesome, thank you, love it” was my reply.

zekka perth cafe review

The milk is perfect temperature, I can just drink it and enjoy the full cream milk without any troubles at all. The milk is not split (thin) like in most places that take their milk beyond the recommended heating temperature for coffee.  Basically, you don’t want to boil the milk, and there is a fine line between perfect and burned milk.

Just watching the girl make another set of coffees (in between writing this article), she watches the milk as she heats it and feels the temperature, and then pouring it into someone’s cup, taking pride in it. She reminds me a bit of me when I was making coffee – very conscious to ensure that each cup is as perfect as the other.

The place is filling up with trendy designer/architect types all of a sudden, I think there must be a design studio near by. We are sitting in fashion street capital of Perth by the way, King Street, so this would be the norm for this place.

OK. Nothing left in my cup. I need another one. Lets see what she makes this time.

OK. 2nd coffee is being made, I think I’ve got the best view in the house, I can see my coffee being made as I write this: fresh grind straight into the group handle, pressed down with care, into the machine and watched carefully by her as to what comes out, she even pre-washed the group head and tasted what was coming out before doing my espresso (a separate pour to mine obviously).

OK, Single Origin Guatemala espresso comes out,  I know before I even touch this coffee that it will be perfect, I saw it being made with passion and brought out to me the second it was ready.

If you haven’t been here, YOU NEED TO. Come in and enjoy what is one of Perth’s perfect coffee spots (notice not best – perfect) Some restrictions do apply, Monday to Friday 7am-5pm and Saturday 8am-3pm, and it’s the city, so parking is something to consider, but it will be well worth your while.

OK, like I said, a “PERFECT” espresso. This blend is superb, a citrus overtone to it and not a bit burned at all, it’s smooth going down, awesome crema on top – different to the above as this is espresso crema that I’m talking about rather than milk crema.

Why haven’t I been here for such a long time? I’ve missed out.

Like I said, go to Zekka. Sit down, order something that the barista wants to make, and you’ll love it, step out of your normal coffee order, ask for something that they want to make, and you’ll get a coffee made with that little bit more love.

And as I write this, I see more coffee being made with the same amount of detail and passion applied.

Wish I had more time today for another coffee.


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Sayers in Leederville

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Off the main beat in Leederville, off Oxford Street, you’ll find Sayers, which is on Carr Street. This small café has been here for a few years now and has become a local spot for the coffee connoisseurs and foodies alike.

Pleasant atmosphere great décor and cool sounds in the background, you’ll always enjoy the emotion this café creates. Speedy service and excellent coffee coupled with home made gourmet food, going hungry or thirsty won’t be a problem and you’ll find yourself relaxed in no time – maybe not during peak hour though.

Sayers Coffee

Sayers Cafe

As usual, medium mach was my choice of coffee, and delighted that they serve it in a dedicated glass (which they have been doing so since day 1). Perfect crema, extraction and taste. Their blend of coffee is full bodied and has a great nutty aftertaste. If you like the taste of instant coffee, then you shouldn’t walk in here, unless you are prepared to taste a proper tasting coffee.  Five Senses if their brand of coffee.

The café has indoor and outdoor seating, so depending on your choice or temperature you have a choice. If you have a group of friends who would like to catch up, take advantage of their central table which seats 8 comfortably.

I wasn’t here for breakfast, only coffee today, but from my past experiences a great gourmet breakfast is on offer.

An open kitchen is kept busy with a steady flow of customers. People who know food and coffee will become addicts of this little gem.

Syers cafe, empty coffee glass

Coffee is finished at Sayers.

As you can see my coffee was finished, would have another one today but am running out of time.
You can also buy boutique oils from Fini Olives here. So if you’re short of a foodie gift on the weekend or after hours, you can always pop in here.

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Photo Shoot for Tiger Airways at Sherbet

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I did a photo shoot for Tiger Airways’ In Flight Magazine at Sherbet Bakeshop.  They are doing a feature on Perth cafes.

Here’s the shoot:

Sherbet Cafe, cupcakes

Sherbet Cafe, cupcakes

Sherbet Cafe, staff

Sherbet Cafe, cupcakes

Sherbet Cafe, cupcakesSherbet Cafe, cupcakes

the full Sherbet Bakeshop in Maylands Photo Shoot is here.

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