Mary Street Bakery

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mary street bakery, slice

We went o Mary Street Bakery, which is the new cafe replacing Soto Espresso.  I must admin Soto had a cement and cold feel to it, and didn’t appeal to a lot of people.  The new look and feel of this cafe is warm, they put wood on walls and changed the decor – their floor is still polished concrete so it gets loud in there when there are people talking and their music is too loud.

Ordering my medium machiatto and am looking forward to it, this time I’m out with my wife and she also orders a slice to go with our coffees.

Coffee is excellent, that’s it. Loved it. Temperature is excellent, good for drinking immediately, foam is thick and creamy. Really enjoyed the coffee here. We had 2 coffees each and both were consistently excellent.

Mary Street Bakery uses Perth’s newest coffee roasting company Pound Coffee Roastery.

slice at mary street bakery

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Long Mach at Lincolns 102 Cafe

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A couple quick shots of my coffee at Lincoln 102 Cafe in Highgate.  I must admit the coffee was exceptional, well extremely well, temperature was spot on. I couldn’t fault if I tried.

coffee machine

The Aqua Coffee Machine

long mach

My Long Mach


latte art

Latte art on top

Coffee like food tastes better when it’s presented well, and a touch of latte art makes all the difference, it doesn’t take too much effort to do this pattern, it is the most common one applied to top of coffees but makes all the difference.

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Licolns 102 – Highgate

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Just past Northbride and in 1 block from Beaufort Street you’ll find Lincoln’s 102 in Highgate (Perth), a cafe that has been there for some time now and earned its stripes as a local hang out for great coffee and food. All products are made on the premises and they serve Bonissimo coffee.  This used to be a deli, and like most delis not on a main strip, sold out for the real estate value as trade and margins were/are too hard to get these days.  Positioned on the corner or Lincoln and Stirling Street you can pop in anytime for breakfast or lunch 7 days a week.  As I’ve been here on numerous occasions, their breakfast is great and well proportioned.

I went out with my 4 year old daughter, so you’ll also see some baby chino photos below.   I must admit the baby chino did come out looking perfect and Amy drunk it and said it tasted like “soft clouds”, so I’m safely assuming this place has her tick of approval for a great baby chino. The marshmallows also help with kids and for some reason the pink ones are for girls and white ones for boys – so I’m told by my daughter. It’s great to see cafes embracing kids coming in with parents, as this will promote them to come back again with their kids if they get looked after.

Amy also couldn’t resist the pink macaroons – once again it went down like a treat and she didn’t want to share it – for obvious reasons.

Anyhow, back to the coffee review, I had what I ordered as a medium mach and the barista asked me if I wanted it half way up or all the way, I just went with it and said “all the way” the glass looked good for volume to milk ratio, so no big deal. It appears based on her reaction that they get people coming in asking for 1/2 way topped up, which is a traditional mach but with some more milk in it. We should get a standard going I think.  When I was in Melbourne last month I didn’t get asked for topped up or not, I got an espresso with a dash “traditional” if I wanted anything else I’d have to order a double latte, otherwise the Melbourne baristas got confused.

Coffee was great, I must admin I’m not a big fan of Belissimo Coffee as it gets wrecked a lot by most cafes in Perth, but Lincoln’s do it best there, especially the barista on today (blond lady). Temperature was great – ready to go, milk creama was great – in fact, good enough to jump into if I could swim in it, including a nice rosetta on top. Coffee was definitely not burned or tarnished in any way what so ever, it was excellent to drink. Excellent coffee making here, they are very well skilled at the art.

Lincoln’s 102 is a little place hidden away, it’s a well kept secret, and I think it’s about time it came out.  The main strip of Baufort Street gets a really good work out with its cafes, but if you turn in and walk an extra 5 minutes you’ll find a great cafe with excellent coffee.

I also has a great muffin, it was a white chocolate and pear, tasted sensational, we polished it off without any hesitations what so ever.  Muffins could go either way, over work them, or have to much or not enough milk/butter and they taste gluggy or dry – good work here.

They also make cakes here, so if you’re after something special speak to the staff and they’ll make something for you. I can’t comment on this as I haven’t had any from there yet.

Contact – Lincolns 102

Telephone: 08 9228 1759

Website: No website

Address: 102 Lincoln St, Highgate, 6000

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