Camera Gear as a Photographer

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I wanted to have a chat about the professional photography equipment that I use as I get asked this question regularly.

Being a professional photographer in Perth the cost of a camera isn’t as much of a problem to me as these are my work tools. In general when I shoot in a café it’s natural light, so I don’t add in any flash or artificial light source, nor bounce any light of reflectors etc.

My camera is a Canon 1Dx, which is the top of the range latest model from Canon, with a full frame sensor and 21Megapixels. In most cases I shoot with a Canon 50mm f1.2 lens, and the other times I use, Canon 70-200mm f2.8, Canon 24-70mm f2.8, Canon 16-35mm f2.8 lenses. It all depends on the café that I walk into and what the lighting is like. I always have 2 cameras on me and 1 back up, just in case.

When I’m on a commercial job or a wedding, I can’t take any chances so the 1D cameras are the best for me. One of the huge features is that each photo is in 2 places at each time as the camera

In general most cafes don’t know who I am and I try to conceal the camera, so I only walk in with one of them. Once I get my coffee I then take out the laptop and camera so the product is on the table and ready for me to drink and take photos.

Today we went to Sherbet again, we do enjoy this place and my daughter loves their cupcakes and other sweet things. Today she decided to have one of their brownies with cream, as you can see a before and after shot here, it went down like a treat.

Coffee was also exceptional – as usual. You can definitely get an excellent coffee here each time you walk in, irrespective of who is on the coffee machine. One of the biggest issues is cafes is staff change, where each person has their own way of making coffee, so to get your staff lined up with a little variance is important, so when we “customers” come in we can get a coffee that is made and tastes just like we remember and like it to be.

cake photos

Chocolate Brownie


Wedding Photographer in Perth

And all done – a good sign

VERDICT: Yummy brownies.

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New Website is Nearly Ready

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Just thought I’d let my readers know that we have a new website coming. It should be live next week, so please be patient as I’ve been holding back some reviews so it all fits in nicely into the new design.

Our website developers Good Good are onto it and have come up with a pretty cool concept and new features to the site.

I’ve had a play today with the new design, and can’t wait for it to go live.

Good stuff Good Good boys – Couldn’t help myself…

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Five Bar Cafe in Mount Lawley

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Wow, that was my 1st impression when I walked into this cafe/bar – Five Bar.  As you walk in you are confronted with amazing architectural design and super funky furniture and then you’re spoilt on luxury soft leather couches.  Even the dry bars are cool.

Anyhow, back to the subject in hand, coffee.

Five Bar

Medium Mac in a cup from Five Bar

So I sat down to my meeting with a client, where we spent a good part of 2 hours, I asked the waiter for a coffee, he asked “what would you like” so I said, “you can make me what ever you like, what ever is your favourite coffee”. So I got served a medium mac in a cup, so it was something different and served in an unusual way.

Here’s my cup:

Coffee was great, well made, presented well, milk was at perfect temperature.

They even serve raw sugar in a bowl.

I’ll be happy to go back, and in fact I will pop in again.

As the meeting went on, I decided to have another coffee, as they 1st one was so nice.

This time I asked for a coffee in a glass – my preferred way to drink coffee (even at home).

This time I got medium mac in a tumbler, not a dedicated glass.

Med mac in glass

My Med Mac in a glass

I must admit, the 2nd cup was better, it’s the crema on top, and obviously the glass. In the background you can see some of their trendy chairs.

So the verdict, turn up.. as long as it’s after 11am mid week. You can turn up, fire up your laptop, use their free WiFi and enjoy some coffee and some food.  The super friendly staff are excellent and not in your face.  Can’t wait till I turn up for lunch there.

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Test from my iphone

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Test to see this work.

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Coffee Review Website Launched

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Our Website is launched today, so reviews will start to come in.

Thanks so much to our Perth Web Designer Good Good.

Web Design Perth, SEO Perth

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