The Daily, Swanbourne Cafe – Review

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At “The Daily” at Swanbourne shops today. A new place that opened last year (2011) and a very good contribution to this area. This strip needed a good coffee shop, and “The Daily Espresso Bar” answered.

The Dancing Goat is across the railway from these guys, but it’s healthy to have 2 or a few top spots close together, this way you have a good selection to go to when you need a great coffee.

The atmosphere in this place is very trendy, cool, with exposed bricks, light wood coloured book cases (crates) and a very cool service bar. Sitting is on stools, at bars, so no tables to sit at, but bar chairs, so once again adds to the whole great feel in this place. Cool tunes, a small kitchen supports this 14 seater café. I can imagine that this place does a roaring trade in the morning for the training work crowd.

You can get a full suite of coffees here as well as flat bread, cakes, muffins and croissants.

the daily, swanbourne, coffee

Long Mach at The Daily

OK, over to the coffee. Served in a glass, my medium mach started off very well, sensational crema and temperature, good to drink straight away. Coffee was not burned or tarnished in any way, so it tasted sensational.Wish I had more time to have another one, but it will have to wait till another time.

I didn’t ask, nor were there any bags showing the brand, but the coffee tasted like 5 Senses – I know the taste pretty well now, so I’m 99% sure it was – unless someone out there is roasting the same beans in the same way.

The cafe is pretty small but it got a good volume of traffic flow through it while I was there, so they are doing things right as people are coming and going. Each customer is treated in a very friendly manner, which is great to see. It shows that the staff here enjoy what they do and the locals keep on coming back.

I watched the barista make another coffee and all care was taken heating the milk (fresh each time), pulling the espresso and also the making of it all.

This is my second time here, and it’s very friendly and nice to be here.

Contact details for The Daily in Swanbourne.

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Shots on Lake – Northbridge

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At Shots on Lake in Northbridge.  I came in and asked the barista to make me what he wanted, he liked “Flat Whites” so I’m drinking one. I have to come clean, I’m not a big fan of a single shot flat white, it’s too weak for me, but that also depends on the blend/brand of coffee. I had to have a chat to the guy as this is my 3rd time to this place, and with the 3rd owner, this place just hasn’t worked for some reason. It surprises me why not as they have a great boutique feel to it and are unique in their proposition and offering.

The 3rd owners of this place in Northbridge have done an exceptional job on the fit out, it’s very plush, especially for Northbridge. The new fit out is awesome, in particular the meeting room at the back (see picture below). The venue is a heritage listed house with high ceilings and a couple rooms off it with a main corridor.  The outside area is also where their base kitchen is, coffee machine, serving fridge and seating. The front of the place is very nice and comfortable, you can see what’s on offer, should it be a take away coffee, lunch or sit in business meeting.

The new owners have put a full kitchen in the back, so they do real food here now, rather than just take away sandwiches and toasted foccacia.. Breakfast will be served in the next few weeks, so it’s lunches only, but this place appears to be finally getting their formula right. The decor is very cool, and the feel of the place follows suit with its old charm and character.

OK, onto the coffee, like I said a flat white isn’t my thing, but it came out creamy and very well made. Using 5 Senses they are starting out with an exceptional bean, followed with an Synesso coffee machine, and to top it all off a quality 80% of what you drink being the barista, it’s all good here.  I didn’t get a chance to take any photos of the flat white here, but it was served in a red standard cup – sorry.

It is lunch time, so I had a burger here, fresh and great flavours, but I’m not here to talk about their food, however it’s all good and very tasty. My chicken burger was served on a chopping board and some thick style chips, I’d be happy to have it again when I come back. The owner is from Zimbabwe, so some South African dishes and meats are offered here – take a look at their menu if you’re here next.

After the flat white, which was OK, I had to ordered a long mach, which is effectively a med mach for me, as they serve their long machs in a small glass (nice to see).

Coffee comes out looking very nice and creamy, as was the flat white. Being 5 Senses coffee it’s a full body blend and nutty flavour, and this is what I’m tasting with no burn at all what so ever, so the espresso was treated very well and served up without any tarnish. For my liking, the milk is a bit hot and has been taken past the point of instant drink-ability, so it needed a few minutes to cool down.  Putting the milk aside, coffee is great.

Wifi: Yes – for free (Password given when you come in)

Contact Shots on Lake

Address: 101 Lake Street, Northbridge

Telephone: 9228 0008


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Mooba in Subiaco

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At Mooba today in Subiaco.

This place is a massive upgrade visually and space size to what Mooba in Wembley is, and I’m sure the staff appreciate it. With a very trendy décor, the coffee is excellent to match, just as it’s always been in their Wembley take away café. Another difference is that you can have coffee dine in, so cups and glasses are offered if you dine in, naturally if you are a hard core take away cup person, then great, less dishes for the staff and more rubbish for the planet.

coffee cup stock photos

Coffee at Mooba in Subiaco


Coffee came out pretty quick and it was spot on.  I also noticed they use “premium café milk” from Brownes, so if you base your coffee drink on the type of milk they use, you now know.

Back to the coffee, very nice over all, and it’s on the strong side – typical to 5 Senses, which is always my preference, you can drink instant coffee at home if you like it weak so when you go out drinking.  The extraction was great, in fact it may have been a bit on the runny side in this instance so the coffee was a bit over extracted, but this isn’t uncommon in a lot of places.

Coffee photos and reviewThey don’t have free internet, but you can pay for it if you like.

They have a wide selection of snacks and sweet things if you like to have with your coffee.

One thing that Mooba does offer is excellent coffee constantly, I’ve had a lot of coffees from them, in particular from the Wembley outlet, and this was my first visit to the Subiaco cafe.

You can get to Moobar via the back streets of new Subi, in between Nova and Oriel café.

I’ll be back here again, without a doubt and be happy to recommend to others.

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