Sherbet Cafe – Long vs Mini Machs

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I did a little comparison to show how much coffee vs milk in a mini or long mach.  You can see that the volume of milk is significantly bigger in a long mach, hence the “long”.  Still in a glass, so you can see the coffee and milk ratio.

long vs mini

Mini Mach on Left and Long on Right

And now with milk in it:

Machs with milk

And for the individual shot of the Long Mach:

lonch mach coffee photo

Long Mach

And another shot… couldn’t help myself:

Long Mach


Check out Sherbet Bake Shop.

As usual, coffee was sensational here at Sherbet.  No matter when I walk through the door it’s always buzzing with great atmosphere and coffee is exceptional.  If you’re into cupcakes and other cakes – this is your heaven, you can dine in and enjoy a cupcake or piece of one of their other cakes. If you need a cake to take home, order one ahead of time as they do get busy here with their orders, you can take credit for it when you get home.

Sherbet is Perth’s Cupcake central.

cupcakes, perth, photos

Cupcakes at Sherbet