Louis Baxters Coffee Review

Posted by on 14, Sep, 2011 in Campos Coffee, Subiaco | Comments Off

Louis Baxters Cafe is the newest addition to Subiaco, straight away when you walk in the visual effect is sensational, the lights, wall paintings and the tables are all fitting to the local atmosphere – trendy.  While I was there, a vast selection of people walked in which was great as diversity of clientele tells me that something must be good here.

They have a central communal tall table with stools, seating around the cafe, a couch in the corner and also outside front of cafe bench seating if you’re into people watching. A great feature of the cafe is the front/side order window, so if you’re into your quick take away coffee, this if your window to your morning fix.

I started with my normal, Medium Mach, this cafe is traditional, so my coffee would have come out double shot with a dash of milk, so after some discussions with the owner and barista we worked out that I was ordering in “Perth Speak” and they were going to make it “traditional” which is the norm in Melbourne and Sydney. When my coffee came out and my friend’s latte, they were presented extremely well and without a doubt time as taken to piece these 2 coffees. Nothing wrong with either coffee, crema, texture, flavour all is GOOD. I have finally had a chance to come to Subi and was looking forward to tasting their Campos coffee, needless to say I was very pleased. I didn’t get a chance to take a photo of our initial coffees as time just passed too quickly, but I made up for it later on.

The flavour of the Campos blend is sensational, fresh and nutty. It’s a pleasure to drink their coffee and their atmosphere complement it.

For the 2nd round I asked their barista to make me what he wanted, I said “make me what you’d want to drink please”, he didn’t think it was weird or anything, so that was cool too. So I got served up one of my old time favourites, an Affogato (drowning in Italian), in short – it’s a double espresso with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Sensational again. I took some pics of this coffee (featured).

So, the verdict – go to Louis Baxters if you haven’t been there yet, it’s only been open a short time, and without a doubt it will become more famous and also become a regular pit stop for great coffee lovers.

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