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At Shots on Lake in Northbridge.  I came in and asked the barista to make me what he wanted, he liked “Flat Whites” so I’m drinking one. I have to come clean, I’m not a big fan of a single shot flat white, it’s too weak for me, but that also depends on the blend/brand of coffee. I had to have a chat to the guy as this is my 3rd time to this place, and with the 3rd owner, this place just hasn’t worked for some reason. It surprises me why not as they have a great boutique feel to it and are unique in their proposition and offering.

The 3rd owners of this place in Northbridge have done an exceptional job on the fit out, it’s very plush, especially for Northbridge. The new fit out is awesome, in particular the meeting room at the back (see picture below). The venue is a heritage listed house with high ceilings and a couple rooms off it with a main corridor.  The outside area is also where their base kitchen is, coffee machine, serving fridge and seating. The front of the place is very nice and comfortable, you can see what’s on offer, should it be a take away coffee, lunch or sit in business meeting.

The new owners have put a full kitchen in the back, so they do real food here now, rather than just take away sandwiches and toasted foccacia.. Breakfast will be served in the next few weeks, so it’s lunches only, but this place appears to be finally getting their formula right. The decor is very cool, and the feel of the place follows suit with its old charm and character.

OK, onto the coffee, like I said a flat white isn’t my thing, but it came out creamy and very well made. Using 5 Senses they are starting out with an exceptional bean, followed with an Synesso coffee machine, and to top it all off a quality 80% of what you drink being the barista, it’s all good here.  I didn’t get a chance to take any photos of the flat white here, but it was served in a red standard cup – sorry.

It is lunch time, so I had a burger here, fresh and great flavours, but I’m not here to talk about their food, however it’s all good and very tasty. My chicken burger was served on a chopping board and some thick style chips, I’d be happy to have it again when I come back. The owner is from Zimbabwe, so some South African dishes and meats are offered here – take a look at their menu if you’re here next.

After the flat white, which was OK, I had to ordered a long mach, which is effectively a med mach for me, as they serve their long machs in a small glass (nice to see).

Coffee comes out looking very nice and creamy, as was the flat white. Being 5 Senses coffee it’s a full body blend and nutty flavour, and this is what I’m tasting with no burn at all what so ever, so the espresso was treated very well and served up without any tarnish. For my liking, the milk is a bit hot and has been taken past the point of instant drink-ability, so it needed a few minutes to cool down.  Putting the milk aside, coffee is great.

Wifi: Yes – for free (Password given when you come in)

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Address: 101 Lake Street, Northbridge

Telephone: 9228 0008


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