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Had a meeting at Pony Express O today, I enjoy coffee here, I love the communal feel to the place, plus they know their business, which is “coffee” you can’t buy anything else here except a couple small sweet things to go with your coffee. You are encouraged to bring in your lunch and buy a coffee.

Their main communal table is great, you could be sitting next to a business man on one side closing a deal and a trendy web designer on the other, and opposite you a couple ladies talking about the weekend.

A steady and busy trade while I spent an easy 1 hour here at my meeting. Pony Express O serve Crema Coffee and this cafe is the big brother of their Fremantle outlet, much bigger brother, as if you walk past “Blink” in Fremantle and you do actually blink, you’ll miss it.

They use great unique ceramic coffee cups here, and one size fits all basically, so all coffees are proportioned based on the volume of milk and coffee in them. I normally do like a dedicated glass for each type of coffee you have, but in this instance as they have 1 set for all it all makes sense, except for espress coffee that is.


You feel very welcome here, even when I’m sitting here, the owner calls out the guy who just sat down (in a suit), “what would you like buddy” – how cool is that? As I sit here it amazes me how many regulars come in, and I know they are regulars as all I’m hearing is “how is your day Jane, Bill, etc..” and “you guys ordering lots of coffee today” so it’s all one big friendly catch up spot.  Most cafes strive to achieve this feel of everyone is welcome and friendly – lets face it it keeps your customers coming back, it’s their “local”.

One thing that is a mission (negative) is the parking around here, it’s shocking, but that’s West Perth for you. If you work in West Perth, no doubt your local is Pony Expresso, as all you do it walk down. It’s located in a lane way behind Commonwealth bank, parallel with Hay street on Mayfair Street.

Coffee is exceptional here, temperature, texture, crema. Made with absolute care. Each cup is made and ground to order.

Further to my experience, as I look around the owner (Garrett)  is making coffee, and one of the customers is standing behind the coffee machine with him talking about general stuff about their day, how cool is that, you feel as if you are part of the café, it is your local. It’s obvious that this coffee house (not café) is based on reputation and relationships.

If you work in West Perth, and don’t know about Pony Express O, you need to walk down and sit in and enjoy the experience this great coffee house.

Contact Pony Express O

Address: 21 Mayfair Street, West Perth

Tel: 0412 924 434

Website: N/A

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