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Today we went to Coode Street Café, a request from my wife, and I haven’t been here for about 1 year. I must admit it does have a old school café feel to it, with all the maroon colour walls, big mirror, old school chairs, table cloths, wide display fridge with a large selection of sweets and savory treats, the lights are modern though. The place is pretty large, but split into 2 rooms, so you don’t feel like you’re sitting in a cafeteria, it’s very cosy in here.

One of the very few cafes open in the area on a Monday, except for the franchises (which I won’t go into).

Coffee is served, nicely presented, my medium mach came out served in its correct glass and crema on top was decorated with a pretty close to perfection rossetta, so this was a sensational start ( I included a sepia photo to highlight this a bit more). Fiori is their brand of coffee served so we’re off to a good start, and speaking of Fiori, they must go through a lot of it as their large delivery just arrived as I started to have my coffee.

Milk/Coffee temperature was great, ready to drink.  For all of you who like your coffee super hot so it burns your mouth – stay at home and keep drinking instant. I have a friend who I go out with for coffee and he likes his super hot, I still don’t get it and there is nothing he can say that will help me understand the concept of scalding your taste buds so they go numb (go Patrick).

You must admit the coffee looks perfect from any angle here, the creama, rosetta and the whole presentation. I couldn’t fault it if I tried.

Taste, the coffee was extracted extremely well, and all the full flavour from the bean was extracted without burning it at all, demonstrating that the barista, or should I say “barsitress” keeps her beans at their optimum grind, pack amount and tamper pressure. It’s so easy to burn coffee, all you have to do is pack it too tight or too loose or let the grind be too course or too fine. Each coffee machine has its own personality and you need to adjust yourself to it. Even when I used to work in 2 or 3 places in one week each machine took a few coffees to get it set up right. At once place I used to work, I’d take the grinder apart before I start, clean it out, and set it up again, it was my morning ritual.  Humidity is also a factor in the grind’s behavior, but I may talk about that another time.

Overall, I had an excellent experience at Coode Street Cafe, and will be back again, especially on a Monday.

Contact Coode Street Cafe

24 Coode Street, Mt Lawley, WA 6050

Tel: (08) 9371 9900