The Lounge Room – Guildford

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Something different today, where I am having a coffee, but noticed a complete new dedication to coffee.  Dan the barista here has a tattoo on his inner arm of a coffee group handle – this is devotion to coffee making.

coffee handle tattoo arm

Dan's Tattoo

Tattoos last a lifetime, so I thought I’d draw some attention to this tat.  It looks great, and no doubt Dan’s not about to become a tea drinker.

One thing is for sure, his love for coffee is backed up with the quality that is served, my mach was excellent, so much so that I ordered another coffee, but this time I asked him to make me what ever he likes, and was served up a Single Origin Sumatran Wahana Estate Flat White.  It was served in a cup as Flat White indicates with a very well designed decorated crema.  This coffee didn’t have the same punch as the previous, but it was as smooth as silk to drink – you couldn’t fault it if you tried.  Great nutty flavours coming through and low acidity this blend of coffee will appeal to everyone. I think I might get an espresso of this one next time, and even if you don’t normally drink espresso coffee this blend will be a great one to start with as it’s not like your traditional Italian blend (in your face).

Sorry I didn’t have my camera this time, so I couldn’t take any proper photos but will do next time.

They use 5 Senses coffee here, so we’re stating off with a bean that has been roasted to perfection.

The Lounge Room is in Guildford, which is only 15 minutes out of the city and if you are anywhere this way, it’s worth a stop. They do light lunches here as well as some curries, burgers and pasta.  You can always pop in for a coffee and a snack in the afternoon too.