Pony Espresso in West Perth

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Ok so I finally made it to Pony Espresso in West Perth.

It’s tucked away so be patient as it’s not on the main street, it’s on Mayfair street which runs parallel with Hay street towards Wellington.  You may also want to park somewhere close as there is no parking in or around Pony Espresso building.  There is plenty though on the side streets around Mayfair.

OK onto the coffee. Love it.  An extension of the Fremantle outlet, this building is significantly bigger and you can sit down to enjoy your brew, rather take away only. The place has a great feel to it.

Pony Espresso West PerthSensational. Which is no different to the Freo outlet.  It’s obvious that the staff are all super aware of what they are working with.  Even if I tried to pick on something wrong with this coffee I couldn’t. Naturally I had a medium mach, it was served in a cup that is more suited to a flat white or long Mach, and the coffee was half served. Temperature was spot on, I could pick it up and drink it right there and then. Nothing was out of place.  In fact
I’m ordering another one now as I’m writing this review.

The cafe, in fact let’s call it a coffee house, as I don’t think you can buy anything else here, is a great concept.  You can bring in your own lunch, eat that and have a coffee or two and enjoy the company you are with.

My second coffee has arrived.  Looks good, so let’s check consistency – temperature is the same, a bit more milk this time, as the 2nd barista made it for me. Taste – awesome, the same. It’s good to see that you can go to a place and get consistently great coffee no matter who makes it. A lot of places struggle with this as they employ students who don’t care and all they want is to be paid rather love the art and precision of coffee making.

In the recent news this place was featured as they have a new $30,000 coffee machine, you may have heard about it.

One thing I did notice in this place, and that is the fact that both the owner and the barista both were into everyone who came in. It seemed like they knew all of their clients by first name. I think I was the only stranger in the cafe at the time.

Crema coffee is served here.

I will definitely be back, many times.

PS: This is my first photo using my iPad rather than my full sized Canon. So the quality isn’t there, but convenience is.