Hobart Cafe in North Perth

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A fairly new cafe in North Perth opened up, called Hobart Deli.  Very appropriate as they are in Hobart Street.

OK, down to the coffee, they use Crema…. I had 2 as I had lunch here today with my wife.  Coffee was awesome, especially the 2nd Mach I had, crema (not the brand), texture, milk temperature and overall experience was sensational.

Another cafe that doesn’t account for a smaller serving of milk, so they use a bigger glass and 3/4 serve the milk in it.  Not a big issue, but it’s nice to have a dedicated glass or cup for people who like a strong coffee with some milk rather than loads of milk.

Food from here also needs a mention as it’s all made on the premises and has a rustic look and taste to it.  We had a melt and a salad which was very enjoyable.  But I’m not a food critic, my wife can be as she’s a chef, but this is a coffee blog and not a food blog.

We also had a Macadamia slice which was also made on the premises and tasted awesome.

Also, as the current trend is coming in, most cafes are also stocking books and nick nacks to sell, which are also available from here. So if you are going to a party on the weekend, you can swing past, buy a coffee and a book or present for the kitchen from here, including a card.

This place does have a good feel to it, with the great coffee, great food and a comfy atmosphere to it  Even on a Monday this cafe was turning over with people coming in for lunch and doing take aways.

Contact Hobart Deli

Address: 45 Hobart Street, North Perth