Blink in Fremantle

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Wow. Amazing.  Just don’t blink when you walk past, the place is so small that it literally lives up to its name. What you see is what you get, a great coffee machine, loads of coffee and some little sweet snacks.  Their priority is in the right place – coffee.

$4.00 gets you a medium mach that will be sensational.

The place is on High street, close to the Round House.

As I was rushing through in between locations, the service was quick and with a smile.  The female barista (didn’t get her name) took care while making the coffee and nothing was done wrong.  You can watch them make you your coffee, you literally stand next to the barisa while your perfection is being made.

First sip was great, loved it, wanted to have more, so by the time I got back to my car, it was all consumed.  Wish I had time to go back and buy another cup.

Milk crema was great, all was made without a fault, literally. I couldn’t fault the coffee nor the skill that was taken during making. I watched it all happen.

A couple blokes were sitting at the front on their seats and artificial lawn, this may be an attempt at linking some garden or paradise into the Fremantle concrete jungle.  As the afternoon sun hits the cafe, the umbrella at the front comes in handy.

Over all, impressed, been here a few times and will definitely be back, highly recommended.

Coffee at Blink is full bodied and strong. Well at least when you have a 2 shot coffee with a small amount of milk.

Please note that only take away cups are here, even if you have your coffee on their limited seating (for 4 I think). Loads of standing room on High street.

Contact Blink Coffee in Fremantle

Address: 19 High St, Fremantle