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In North Perth today, Fiori is served here and $4.00 for a medium mach.

I think I’m their last customer of the day. I was greeted with haste by a low shorts wearing  and hanging out undies guy who was cleaning and talking to me at the same time (I might bring a belt for the guy next time I’m in, guys showing their boxes is just not visually very stimulating, especially just before I was about to order a coffee or food).  I was allowed to have a take away coffee only (fair enough, they want to go home).

The Pantry Door, coffee review

Coffee at The Pantry Door

Using BioCup as takeaways is nice as it’s all paper and it’s biodegradable.  Taste from these take away cups is great, unlike some of them that are all wax based and ruin the taste of coffee.

Hot is the key word here, temperature of the coffee was HOT.  I nearly scolded my tongue. The coffee had to sit for around 10 mins before I could put it back to my mouth to have another sip.  Is it a matter of me being the last customer of the day?  So they don’t care any more? Or is this a normal way of serving coffee?  I know the taste of Fiori very well, and what I was tasting did not do it justice in any shape or form. I just think I got the lemon on the day, was served a super hot coffee that was burned when extraction occurred.  Maybe Milkd next door should have been my option at this time of the day.

The thing about burned coffee is that it leaves a pretty bad taste in your mouth for a long time.  Also, when milk is burned it changes texture it becomes thin and watery, and loses its flavour of sweetness.

I will have to come back and do another review as this I believe was just bad luck for me.  Monday, late afternoon and closing for the cafe. This isn’t my first time here, and have had much better coffee before, so it’s worth another shot.

PS: the cakes and other food on display looked very nice.

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