Mooba in Subiaco

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At Mooba today in Subiaco.

This place is a massive upgrade visually and space size to what Mooba in Wembley is, and I’m sure the staff appreciate it. With a very trendy décor, the coffee is excellent to match, just as it’s always been in their Wembley take away café. Another difference is that you can have coffee dine in, so cups and glasses are offered if you dine in, naturally if you are a hard core take away cup person, then great, less dishes for the staff and more rubbish for the planet.

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Coffee at Mooba in Subiaco


Coffee came out pretty quick and it was spot on.  I also noticed they use “premium café milk” from Brownes, so if you base your coffee drink on the type of milk they use, you now know.

Back to the coffee, very nice over all, and it’s on the strong side – typical to 5 Senses, which is always my preference, you can drink instant coffee at home if you like it weak so when you go out drinking.  The extraction was great, in fact it may have been a bit on the runny side in this instance so the coffee was a bit over extracted, but this isn’t uncommon in a lot of places.

Coffee photos and reviewThey don’t have free internet, but you can pay for it if you like.

They have a wide selection of snacks and sweet things if you like to have with your coffee.

One thing that Mooba does offer is excellent coffee constantly, I’ve had a lot of coffees from them, in particular from the Wembley outlet, and this was my first visit to the Subiaco cafe.

You can get to Moobar via the back streets of new Subi, in between Nova and Oriel café.

I’ll be back here again, without a doubt and be happy to recommend to others.