Five Bar Cafe in Mount Lawley

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Wow, that was my 1st impression when I walked into this cafe/bar – Five Bar.  As you walk in you are confronted with amazing architectural design and super funky furniture and then you’re spoilt on luxury soft leather couches.  Even the dry bars are cool.

Anyhow, back to the subject in hand, coffee.

Five Bar

Medium Mac in a cup from Five Bar

So I sat down to my meeting with a client, where we spent a good part of 2 hours, I asked the waiter for a coffee, he asked “what would you like” so I said, “you can make me what ever you like, what ever is your favourite coffee”. So I got served a medium mac in a cup, so it was something different and served in an unusual way.

Here’s my cup:

Coffee was great, well made, presented well, milk was at perfect temperature.

They even serve raw sugar in a bowl.

I’ll be happy to go back, and in fact I will pop in again.

As the meeting went on, I decided to have another coffee, as they 1st one was so nice.

This time I asked for a coffee in a glass – my preferred way to drink coffee (even at home).

This time I got medium mac in a tumbler, not a dedicated glass.

Med mac in glass

My Med Mac in a glass

I must admit, the 2nd cup was better, it’s the crema on top, and obviously the glass. In the background you can see some of their trendy chairs.

So the verdict, turn up.. as long as it’s after 11am mid week. You can turn up, fire up your laptop, use their free WiFi and enjoy some coffee and some food.  The super friendly staff are excellent and not in your face.  Can’t wait till I turn up for lunch there.