Zebba Coffee Review

Posted by on 8, Oct, 2010 in Coffee Review, Northbridge | Comments Off

Ok, so today I made it to Zebba Cafe, well I was there twice for 2 meetings.  Very good as it gave me two opportunities to double up on my quality assurance, and it was consistently excellent.

My medium mach came out 3/4 full in a long mach glass, which would have been nice to get it in a dedicated glass, but you can’t have everything.  Am I the only one in Perth drinking medium machiattos? So the demand isn’t there, so cafes don’t have a dedicated glass for this awesome coffee style?

Coffee was perfectly extracted and served with just the right amount of crema.  Fantastic, it doesn’t get any better than this.

My other coffee was a flat out, once again, exceptional extraction and served with great crema.  Milk was correct temperature so it was good to go as soon as it landed on our table.

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