Sherbet Bake Shop – Babycino Time

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It’s worth mentioning the exceptional presentation of babycinos these days at cafe.  Our kids go out with us all the time, and in a lot of cases they are the ones who are choosing where we go, I’m sure if you have kids, they have said “we want to go to …. ” and no where else will be good enough for them.  You don’t know what it is about the place, but it’s something.  For a while there my kid wanted to go to only one place, all the time, and all it was, was that they had some good toys there that they could play with. Kids??

Mush mellows with babycinos are a must. At Sherbet Bake Shop

Sherbet baby chino

And while the kids have their baby chinos, us parents will enjoy proper coffee.

coffee art at Sherbet Cafe

Baby Chino, Babycino, Baby Cino, Kids Coffee – call it what you want, but it’s here to stay and it will be more and more in demand as more kids become aware of this. It would be good to see some variations on babycinos, so the kids have got a choice too.