Coffee at Toast Cafe – East Perth

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Each time I’m at Toast Cafe, I wish my office was here or very close so I can walk over and just grab a coffee.

Having a catch up with a mate who is moving over to Melbourne, so I thought we’d have a good one before he hits the coffee capital of Australia.

toast cafe in East Perth

Drinking a Mac and working on a Mac.

East Perth cafe, Toast Cafe, coffee in a glass

Aerial photo of a coffee in a glass. Medium Mac

As you can see from these photos of the coffee that I had, exceptional presentation.  Don’t you just love the saucer? Toast Cafe is very retro and chick.  This is also represented by their red chairs and water bottles (not sure why the plastic Ikea cups are there though).

Although coffee in a cup is traditional, I actually enjoy drinking it from a glass. It’s personal choice I guess.  Mind you, if I was to have a short black, that would definitely be in ceramic.