Cafe Cafe in Subiaco

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OK, so I was in Subiaco today for some meetings, and Cafe Cafe was the place to be. They’ve got a great office style of a set up upstairs where you can fit a comfortable 25-30 people in, including a long board room for around 10 people.  These days with the quality of cafes why would you have an office?  With wireless internet (Thanks Telstra) and my Apple Mac, I’m all connected and with an endless supply of coffee, I have all I need.

Started with a Medium Macchiato, (med mac / medium macchiato).  Cafe Cafe uses Illi Coffee, which is very nice. The Illy brand has a very long life as a coffee brand from when it was founded in 1933 by Francesco Illy.  So they should know something about coffee.

The coffee was OK. Not exceptional, and I wasn’t inspired to have another one.  Don’t take me wrong, it wasn’t a bad coffee.  It was over expressed and watery, which is a bit unusual for a Medium Macchiato in any cafe.

Cafe Cafe in Subiaco, Medium Macchiato

At Cafe Cafe the Medium Macchiato (Med Mac) is served in a Long Macchiato glass and filled up 3/4 full, which is common for cafes who don’t have a Med Mac glass in their entourage of coffee cups and glasses.  Same as wine, coffee should be served in its dedicated serving cup of glass not a make shift or a substitute.

OK, back to the coffee, coffee was over expressed – in short, this gives it a bitter after taste and does not represent the intended flavour. This happens when there is not enough coffee in the group handle or it’s been packed to lightly or both.  What happens is while the hot water runs through the coffee, rather than extracting all the flavour and oils, it passes through, and it will always simply burn the outside of the ground coffee and pass on the burned flavour.  I’m assuming this happened as I’m assuming that the coarseness off the ground coffee is in it’s ideal state, but this can also be a factor.  This may be a bit technical, but water follows easies path to exit in its natural manner, this is the same under pressure when it goes through the group handle.

The sponsored sugar (By Illy) is also there, reminding you of the brand of coffee you are consuming.

Illi Coffee in general is very appealing coffee and most people will like it, it’s in the medium strength of coffees to drink.