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Mary Street Bakery

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mary street bakery, slice

We went o Mary Street Bakery, which is the new cafe replacing Soto Espresso.  I must admin Soto had a cement and cold feel to it, and didn’t appeal to a lot of people.  The new look and feel of this cafe is warm, they put wood on walls and changed the decor – their floor is still polished concrete so it gets loud in there when there are people talking and their music is too loud.

Ordering my medium machiatto and am looking forward to it, this time I’m out with my wife and she also orders a slice to go with our coffees.

Coffee is excellent, that’s it. Loved it. Temperature is excellent, good for drinking immediately, foam is thick and creamy. Really enjoyed the coffee here. We had 2 coffees each and both were consistently excellent.

Mary Street Bakery uses Perth’s newest coffee roasting company Pound Coffee Roastery.

slice at mary street bakery

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Camera Gear as a Photographer

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I wanted to have a chat about the professional photography equipment that I use as I get asked this question regularly.

Being a professional photographer in Perth the cost of a camera isn’t as much of a problem to me as these are my work tools. In general when I shoot in a café it’s natural light, so I don’t add in any flash or artificial light source, nor bounce any light of reflectors etc.

My camera is a Canon 1Dx, which is the top of the range latest model from Canon, with a full frame sensor and 21Megapixels. In most cases I shoot with a Canon 50mm f1.2 lens, and the other times I use, Canon 70-200mm f2.8, Canon 24-70mm f2.8, Canon 16-35mm f2.8 lenses. It all depends on the café that I walk into and what the lighting is like. I always have 2 cameras on me and 1 back up, just in case.

When I’m on a commercial job or a wedding, I can’t take any chances so the 1D cameras are the best for me. One of the huge features is that each photo is in 2 places at each time as the camera

In general most cafes don’t know who I am and I try to conceal the camera, so I only walk in with one of them. Once I get my coffee I then take out the laptop and camera so the product is on the table and ready for me to drink and take photos.

Today we went to Sherbet again, we do enjoy this place and my daughter loves their cupcakes and other sweet things. Today she decided to have one of their brownies with cream, as you can see a before and after shot here, it went down like a treat.

Coffee was also exceptional – as usual. You can definitely get an excellent coffee here each time you walk in, irrespective of who is on the coffee machine. One of the biggest issues is cafes is staff change, where each person has their own way of making coffee, so to get your staff lined up with a little variance is important, so when we “customers” come in we can get a coffee that is made and tastes just like we remember and like it to be.

cake photos

Chocolate Brownie


Wedding Photographer in Perth

And all done – a good sign

VERDICT: Yummy brownies.

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Sherbet Cafe – Long vs Mini Machs

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I did a little comparison to show how much coffee vs milk in a mini or long mach.  You can see that the volume of milk is significantly bigger in a long mach, hence the “long”.  Still in a glass, so you can see the coffee and milk ratio.

long vs mini

Mini Mach on Left and Long on Right

And now with milk in it:

Machs with milk

And for the individual shot of the Long Mach:

lonch mach coffee photo

Long Mach

And another shot… couldn’t help myself:

Long Mach


Check out Sherbet Bake Shop.

As usual, coffee was sensational here at Sherbet.  No matter when I walk through the door it’s always buzzing with great atmosphere and coffee is exceptional.  If you’re into cupcakes and other cakes – this is your heaven, you can dine in and enjoy a cupcake or piece of one of their other cakes. If you need a cake to take home, order one ahead of time as they do get busy here with their orders, you can take credit for it when you get home.

Sherbet is Perth’s Cupcake central.

cupcakes, perth, photos

Cupcakes at Sherbet


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Long Mach at Lincolns 102 Cafe

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A couple quick shots of my coffee at Lincoln 102 Cafe in Highgate.  I must admit the coffee was exceptional, well extremely well, temperature was spot on. I couldn’t fault if I tried.

coffee machine

The Aqua Coffee Machine

long mach

My Long Mach


latte art

Latte art on top

Coffee like food tastes better when it’s presented well, and a touch of latte art makes all the difference, it doesn’t take too much effort to do this pattern, it is the most common one applied to top of coffees but makes all the difference.

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The Daily, Swanbourne Cafe – Review

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At “The Daily” at Swanbourne shops today. A new place that opened last year (2011) and a very good contribution to this area. This strip needed a good coffee shop, and “The Daily Espresso Bar” answered.

The Dancing Goat is across the railway from these guys, but it’s healthy to have 2 or a few top spots close together, this way you have a good selection to go to when you need a great coffee.

The atmosphere in this place is very trendy, cool, with exposed bricks, light wood coloured book cases (crates) and a very cool service bar. Sitting is on stools, at bars, so no tables to sit at, but bar chairs, so once again adds to the whole great feel in this place. Cool tunes, a small kitchen supports this 14 seater café. I can imagine that this place does a roaring trade in the morning for the training work crowd.

You can get a full suite of coffees here as well as flat bread, cakes, muffins and croissants.

the daily, swanbourne, coffee

Long Mach at The Daily

OK, over to the coffee. Served in a glass, my medium mach started off very well, sensational crema and temperature, good to drink straight away. Coffee was not burned or tarnished in any way, so it tasted sensational.Wish I had more time to have another one, but it will have to wait till another time.

I didn’t ask, nor were there any bags showing the brand, but the coffee tasted like 5 Senses – I know the taste pretty well now, so I’m 99% sure it was – unless someone out there is roasting the same beans in the same way.

The cafe is pretty small but it got a good volume of traffic flow through it while I was there, so they are doing things right as people are coming and going. Each customer is treated in a very friendly manner, which is great to see. It shows that the staff here enjoy what they do and the locals keep on coming back.

I watched the barista make another coffee and all care was taken heating the milk (fresh each time), pulling the espresso and also the making of it all.

This is my second time here, and it’s very friendly and nice to be here.

Contact details for The Daily in Swanbourne.

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